Certified Inspections. We are federally and locally certified inspectors.

Fully Insured. We operate with the highest level of insurance

State Board Licensed. We are licensed professional engineers & geologists

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Top Engineering Geologists in Southern California

We provide engineering geology services that incorporate site characterization expertise with geologic and seismic hazards analyses to support clients worldwide.

Engineering Geology

  • Geologic surface & subsurface mapping
  • Landslide analysis and mitigation

  • Fault and fault line studies
  • Earthquake risk and seismicity.
  • Alquist-Priolo fault hazard studies

  • Interpretation of aerial photographs
  • Percolation studies

Retaining Walls

Rock Engineering

Trenchless Technology

Tunnel Engineering

Our Most Recent Engineering Geology Projects

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Geology services when you need it.

Fully Licensed Geologists

Our licensed engineering geologists are leaders in the field of applied and value-based geologic engineering and design mitigation.

Geological Support Resources

Our resources support the planning, engineering, and construction of complex projects by identifying and characterizing potential geohazards.

Geological reports and studies

We utilize a data driven approach to developing plans and scaling project mapping to deliver solutions at every level.

We are Southern California’s leading certified geological engineers.

The future of geological engineering

Reimagining how geological engineering builds foundations.

By analyzing geological conditions, Marshall Geoscience identifies potential risks to infrastructure. Our experts offer strategies to mitigate geological hazards, enhancing project safety and resilience.

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