A Team of Skilled Civil Engineers

Efficient Energy and Power Management Systems Design

Marshall Geoscience is at the forefront of geotechnical and environmental consulting for energy and power infrastructure projects. Our services support the development of renewable energy facilities and traditional power plants, catering to utility companies, renewable energy developers, and infrastructure investment firms. We ensure these projects are reliable, sustainable, and compliant with environmental regulations, addressing soil, rock, and groundwater challenges.

“Community energy and power plant projects like these allow local citizens and businesses to benefit directly from the energy produced by these projects.”

Janet Hanes, Regional Manager, Power Company in Southern California

The Value of Marshall GeoScience

Sustainable and Reliable Energy Systems

Energy Facility Engineering

Developing sustainable energy solutions with a focus on affordability and long-term operational efficiency.

Consulting & Planning

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Data Based Engineering

Leveraging the latest data and research to innovate and optimize energy infrastructure projects.

We work at the forefront of responsible and efficient energy and solar systems development. Our partners work with us to develop innovative scalable solar & power infrastructures.


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