Creating Efficient Designs for Medical Infrastructure

Health Care and Medical Facility Development

Marshall Geoscience provides tailored geotechnical and environmental consulting services for the healthcare sector, supporting the construction and expansion of hospitals, clinics, and medical research facilities. Our expertise in site selection, foundation design, and environmental compliance ensures these facilities are safe, reliable, and conducive to patient and staff well-being. We serve healthcare systems, private healthcare providers, and medical research institutions, delivering solutions that meet the specific needs of this critical infrastructure.

“Community Medical Facilities and Hospital projects like these allow local citizens and businesses to benefit directly from its uses and efficient practices.”

Jane Hanigan, Vice President, Local Hospital

The Mission of Marshall GeoScience

Sustainable And Reliable Facility Development

Advanced Medical Development

Innovating healthcare facilities with cutting-edge technology for improved patient care and medical outcomes.

Consulting & Planning

Expert advice for designing and expanding healthcare infrastructure, ensuring regulatory compliance and operational efficiency.

Scalability for Medical Operations

Tailored solutions to grow and adapt healthcare facilities, meeting evolving patient needs and technologies.

We work at the forefront of reliable medical and healthcare facility development. Partner with us to develop innovative utility-scale and efficient medical facilities.


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