Certified Inspections. We are federally and locally certified inspectors.

Fully Insured. We operate with the highest level of insurance

State Board Licensed. We are licensed professional engineers & geologists

Our team applies soil and rock mechanics to design foundations, ensuring stability for buildings and structures. Marshall Geoscience provides thorough site evaluations and tailored construction recommendations.

By analyzing geological conditions, Marshall Geoscience identifies potential risks to building infrastructure. Our strategies mitigate geological hazards like slope stability and landslides that enhance project safety and resilience.

We specialize in environmental engineering consulting, offering services such as Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), groundwater, methane gas, and contamination testing, alongside detailed research and reporting.

Offering onsite assessments, Marshall Geoscience ensures compliance with engineering standards. Our inspectors provide quality assurance for materials, construction practices, and safety protocols.

Our state-of-the-art facilities analyze and test soil, rock, and construction materials to support engineering decisions. Marshall Geoscience delivers accurate data for design specifications and project planning.

Beyond traditional disciplines, our team offers specialized services like seismic risk analysis and other property inspection services. Marshall Geoscience tailors solutions to meet unique project challenges.

We are the leading geotechnical and environmental consultants.

The future of engineering starts here.

Reimagining the future of engineering.

Marshall GeoScience assists clients in assessing their potential environmental liabilities during property transactions including divestments, acquisitions, leases, new construction, and new/existing tenant practices.

Start up your development.

We are a responsive team of professional engineers and construction experts providing solutions that improve our clients’ transportation, water, energy, and other private infrastructure.

Our inspectors provide quality assurance for materials, construction practices, & safety protocols. Field testing includes compactions tests, groundwater tests, and soil tests.

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“Very detail oriented professional engineers. Helped me through the design process and saved me thousands during construction. Highly recommend.”

Residential Homeowner – Los Angeles, California

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