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Sport and Training Facility Design & Engineering

Specializing in the design and construction of sports and training facilities, Marshall Geoscience offers geotechnical and environmental consulting services that ensure the safety, functionality, and environmental sustainability of stadiums, arenas, and recreational centers. Our clientele includes sports franchises, universities, and private developers, for whom we provide soil and rock analysis, groundwater management, and comprehensive solutions tailored to the dynamic nature of sports infrastructure.

“Community Sports centers and athletic facility projects like these allow local citizens and businesses to interact with their teams and fans.

Joseph Salim, President, International Soccer Organization

The Value of Marshall GeoScience

Sustainable And Reliable Engineering Services

Advanced Facility Development

Designing state-of-the-art sports complexes for optimal performance, safety, and spectator experience.

Consulting & Planning

Strategic guidance for sports infrastructure projects, ensuring functionality, compliance, and community engagement.

Performance & Training

Creating adaptable sports environments that evolve with training needs and athlete development.

We work at the forefront of responsible sports and training facility civil engineering design and development. Partner with us to develop innovative utility-scale facilities.


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