Development of Single-Family Homes & Communities

We Engineer Single-Family Homes for Energy Efficiency

Marshall Geoscience offers personalized consulting services for the development of single-family residential homes, ensuring each is built on a solid foundation and in harmony with its natural surroundings. Our clientele includes homebuilders, real estate developers, and individual homeowners, for whom we conduct soil, rock, and groundwater assessments to guide the construction process and ensure their homes are safe, stable, and environmentally sound.

“Our single-Family homes and communities including home owner association properties have benefited greatly from the geotechnical and environmental engineering services of Marshall GeoScience in Glendale, CA.”

James D., Home Owner, Souther California

The Value of Marshall GeoScience

Sustainable and Reliable Geotechnical Engineering in Glendale

Cost Efficient Development

Affordable, high-quality construction methods that maximize value without sacrificing design or durability.

Consulting & Planning

Personalized advice for homebuilding, ensuring projects meet individual needs, budget, and compliance.

Trust and Reliability

Building community confidence through dependable, transparent practices and a commitment to local standards.

We work at the forefront of responsible single-family home inspections and phase 1 reports for construction or development. Partner with us to start your next project or develop a plan for a future engineering project.


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